Lee Lanou

Director of Montessori Education, Endeavor Schools & Director of Training, MITEE

With over 33 years of experience in education, Lee’s expertise in Montessori philosophy and independent school administration is put to good use helping to guide the next generation of Montessori educators. Lee first became acquainted with Montessori at age 3 in her primary classroom with an extraordinary Montessori educator (who later became an AMS Living Legacy recipient). Her early experience as a child in a Montessori classroom helped to shape her into a lifelong Montessorian.

Before starting on her own in the field of education, Lee worked as a ballet and theatre stage manager. She worked with the San Francisco Ballet, Dance Theatre of Harlem, and Berkeley Repertory Theatre. After receiving her first Montessori credential, an AMS Early Childhood Montessori teaching certification, in 1989, she began her teaching career. After teaching 3-6 year olds for many years she has had many other roles in the Montessori community including parent, Children’s House Director, Admissions Director, Teacher Training Instructor, Montessori Dean, Assistant Head of School, and Training Center Director, all in Montessori schools in California, Washington, and Maryland. Lee is a firm believer, and living testament, of the power of a Montessori education!

Lee has an AMS Early Childhood Montessori Certification from the Montessori Teacher Education Center, SF Bay Area as well as an AMI Primary Certification from the Greenville Montessori Institute in South Carolina. Having trained and worked in both AMS and AMI settings allows Lee to cull the very best practices from both affiliations. When Lee is not working, she loves to write, paint, and draw.